Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Longfriend Timefriend bring their analog sound to a well written timeless indie punk single in “No Relief”

This release takes me back to 90’s pop punk and hall shows in some suburb where the bigger bands didn't go. This is the kind of song you’d hear the band play at a sweaty hall show and in the days when a 7 inch only cost you 3$ to buy and it barely cost the band anything to produce, you’d buy it immediately and have it on your turntable for weeks at a time. But alas those days are gone. Even if you are listening on Spotify or Bandcamp, this track has that analog feel. This is an amalgamation of things like Blink 182, The Get Up Kids, Say Anything, etc. I think I even hear a little bit of The Front Bottoms in there. The vocal immediately to me sounded like it could have been a young Max Bemis. What I like about the rhythm, the lyrics, the punky delivery is that this track feels timeless. It’s not breaking any barriers of creativity but it’s one of those bands that is more about a time, a place and a special feeling more than how musically complex it is.

I know for the older punk people this is what we miss. Just something familiar that is good, catchy, not auto-tuned or squashed to death by compression over electronic instruments. This sounds like a bunch of dudes rocking out in a garage or basement as the good lord intended. No diss on the electro or synth bands but I miss when you had to play a tangible instrument from amplifiers and the final product was live and raw. This has all of that and I think if you grew up in the1998-2008 pop punk scene you are going to be buyin into what Longfriend Timefriend are sellin. I leave you with a parting quote from the band that I think sums it up  “we pour that love into every room we’re lucky enough to share with friends, old and new. Hell, let us play your basement and we’ll probably be friends too.”

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