Poison Boys Set to Blaze Through Spain: A Raw Energy Injection into the Punk Rock Scene Poison Boys
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Poison Boys, Chicago’s punk rock torchbearers, ignite Spain with primal energy on their 2024 tour, showcasing their raw, unapologetic sound.

Chicago's Poison Boys are set to blaze through Spain on their highly-anticipated 2024 tour, igniting stages from February 23 to March 10 with their primal blend of rock 'n' roll fury. For fans of the New York Dolls, Iggy & the Stooges, and the Ramones, Poison Boys offer a refreshing mix of raw energy and punk rebellion.

Their latest release, 'Headed for Disaster,' is a testament to the band's evolution, compiling early 7”s, unreleased material, and demos from 2014-2018. Described as "a scrappy and sleazy dose of hard-rock-stained street punk" by 50Thirdand3rd, Poison Boys channel the spirit of their musical forebears while injecting their own brand of despair, sexual frustration, and hostility into each track.

With influences ranging from The Stooges to Hanoi Rocks, Poison Boys carve out a unique niche in the contemporary punk and rock scene. Their full-length LP, 'Don't You Turn on Me' on Riot Records, captures the raw essence of their sound while showcasing their growth as artists.

Founded in 2014 by longtime friends Matt Dudzik and Mike Lippman, Poison Boys emerged as a beacon of authenticity in a genre often plagued by imitation. Despite Lippman's tragic passing later that year, Dudzik forged ahead, honoring their shared vision and keeping the flame of Poison Boys burning bright.

Over the years, the band's relentless dedication to their craft has propelled them to new heights. From coast-to-coast tours to high-energy performances, Poison Boys have cemented their status as one of punk rock's hardest-working acts. Their debut full-length album, 'Out of My Head,' received critical acclaim for its eclectic mix of punk anthems and glam-infused stompers.

As they gear up for their Spain tour and beyond, Poison Boys show no signs of slowing down. With a lineup featuring Dudzik, Steve Elfinger, Nico Bones, and Matt Chaney, the band continues to push boundaries and defy expectations.

In a world where the pulse of rock 'n' roll is constantly debated, Poison Boys stand as a testament to its enduring power. Through their music, they breathe new life into a genre that refuses to die, keeping the spirit of punk alive and well for generations to come.

Spain 2024 Tour

02/23 Porto, Portugal - Barracuda Club

02/26 Cáceres - Boogaloo Café

02/27 Granada - Sala Planta Baja

02/28 Malága - Velvet Club

02/29 Ubeda - La Teteria

03/01 Almeria -Clasijazz

03/02 Cox - TNT Blues

03/03 Albacete - La Casa Vieja

03/04 Valencia - 16 Toneladas

03/05 Toledo - La Divergente

03/06 Madrid - Gruta 77 w/ Supersuckers

03/07 Soria - TBA

03/08 Almazan-Soria - Maneras de Vivir

03/09 Bizkaia - Mungia

03/10 Valladolid - Sala Portacaeli


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