Drunk Not Dead Album Review
The Brains
Label: Stomp Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by ChrisK

The Brains, Canada's most insane psychobilly horror punks, are back with their finest offering to date.

"Drunk Not Dead" is a collection of 13 psychobilly masterpieces. Mixing the rockabilly sounds of the 50s with the intensity of modern punk rock, the band shreds fast and tight melodies that grab you with a hook and pull you back, after pushing you over the edge.

"Pourquoi Me Laisser" is a poignant heart-wrencher sung entirely in French, while "Gato Calavera" is a proper raging Spanish shout-out to one of the baddest-ass concert venues in Mexico. Other notables include the opening track "Horsemen", which begins with a chug-chug guitar rhythm and blasts into scrolling bass lines and harmonious vocals, and "I'm Your Nightmare", enough to rise the boogeyman from past childhood fears.

All in, "Drunk Not Dead" is a solid psychobilly record. They didn't rewrite the map, but they followed it quite well. If you want something fast, upbeat and so angry it motivates you, pick up this disc.

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