The Scene

Toxic Narcotic and GBH what an insane mix! They played at The Scene (San Diego) on Jan. 26th on their west coast tour. Many people did not show up because it was quite expensive ($$15!!) and they thought it was sold out. My friends and I went down to see if we could get in and luckily they still had a shit load of tickets! The first band who played was a local band 46 Short, then Toxic Narcotic came out, playing loud and fast and the crowd went off! The pit was full of guys and girls just beating the shit out of each other, I was in the pit for a while then moved up to the front row during "Asshole" and even up there the crowd was going insane, people were jumping up on stage to sing and stage dive, the lead singer was throwing the mic in peoples faces to yell "Asshole" as loud as they could. During the song "Drink" there was so much energy going through the crowd everyone was moving, singing, moshing, crowd surfing, or doing anything they could to get a rush of adrenalin.

After Toxic came The Forgotten, the crowd was still getting warmed up and people were sitting out side with their heads down just waiting for the almighty GBH to come out. Finally when the forgotten got off stage out came GBH at about 9:45 and played till about 11:30. The pit was so full you could barely move with out falling or getting hit in the face, it was so crazy. GBH played mostly old songs but also played a lot of stuff from their newest album "HA HA" which if you have not listened to older things you would love but if you are an old fan of them you would see that its not as good. GBH's stage presence was awesome, they got the crowd so riled up that they could have gone on all night if they wanted to! Over all I think this show was defiantly worth the $15 and I would pay that much to see them again.