Album Review
Toxic Narcotic
Label: Go-Kart Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by mindlessfool

This is Toxic!

Toxic Narcotics new album titled "We're All Doomed" came out mid 2002 and was almost impossible to find in San Diego. I finally got a copy of it at the show last month for 3 dollars. I put it on my turntable and what came out was pure hardcore. When you listening to any Toxic Narcotic you get that feeling that its just the right thing to be listing to, these vibes run through your body like the ones you get when your about to enter a pit. The album once again talks about beer and how much hate they have towards the human race. It features a new release of "Asshole" and although it may not be as good as the original it still sounds awesome. If you don't have any Toxic Albums I recommend you go buy this one.

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