Reviewed by Sam Lowry

UK Artist Paradise Row bring their brand of 90’s Alt mixed with Brit Rock on their newest single “Null & Void”

From the novel that accompanied this single track I’ve gotten so far that the band is young, full of piss and vinegar and have definite ideas on who was able to join the band. Their ad read: “Must be 18-28. No vegans, no students, no posh kids, no Converse, no piercings, no emos or

metal heads, no glasses, no shit tattoos.” So right away I’m thinking, well who’s left? It seems you’ve put no emphasis on musical ability and I’m sorry, that might be why in my review below, I feel like the danger, the excitement, the originality, the weirdness, it’s just not there. It also mentioned the whole band looked like band guys, just not the same band. The bands aspirations are to play Wembley. Now not to be the old curmudgeon that I am, but who cares about any of that, what does the music say and what does it sound like? What would you like me to hear that I might not hear on first listen.

The music is fine, it’s a little bit 90’s kind of somewhere between Stone Temple Pilots and brit rock like Oasis to The Stone Roses. I’m just waiting for the hook, the music is catchy but that big chorus never seems to come. Please add a backing vocal to add that flair where the chorus is. I’ve been in good bands that had recordings that were missing all the bells and whistles because of budget and the band all play well together but vocal is 90% of what people focus on. Would have loved to hear some kind of harmony on the “I don’t need saving” chorus and ironically on the bands previous single "Lay Me Down" the big chorus backing vocals are there. Also not to be a naysayer, but please all bands, learn to write a great bridge, it’s the most important part of the song sometimes.  The guitar has great melody, at times it’s even a little bit vintage REM and a splash of Johnny Marr.

Lyrically the current single “Null & Void” deals with a happy guy not wanting to hear unwelcome comments from anyone about how he lives his life. Ironic seeing as the ad they made for members boiled people down to appearances only. I hope Paradise Row figure it out because they have all the components to put together something special. But as all young bands need to do, just write a ton of songs. 

The band currently only has one available video, on June 22nd you can check out the new single "Null & Void" but for now check out "Lay Me Down" to get a feel for the band: 

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