Vienna Band Only Attitude Counts prove their Disobedience! Only Attitude Counts
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Austrian band Only Attitude Counts return to action with their brutal new hardcore EP ‘Disobedience’

Only Attitude Counts are back with a new EP, Disobedience, to be released November 4th 2022 on CD via WTF Records (NL) and Dedication Records (DE). Hailing from Austria, Vienna, Only Attitude Counts is an old school hardcore band that has been making music together since 1993. Heavy guitars and growling vocals bring to mind bands such as Born From Pain, Earth Crisis, or Biohazard - but with more of a punk edge.

Disobedience starts off with the 1 minute 50 second track "Just Do It," with thundering chants urging the listener to do just that. The song has an early Offspring feel that makes me think of a time when homemade mix tapes were the only way to discover cool new music, like an invitation to some sort of exclusive club. On the third track, All You'll Never Be, Olbrich belts out "Trapped, trapped, you are trapped" over authentic sounding aggressive hardcore riffs that make me feel like shedding all my feelings of repression and frustration in a mosh pit.

It's evident the new EP represents the fact that the Austrian four piece’s attempt to make a change still persists - singing of a greed that seems to polarize people, and offering ideas that might work to change that. Only Attitude Counts is a noble hardcore force to be reckoned with. Be sure to keep a lookout for a 7” vinyl version of Disobedience with a different cover will follow this winter.

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