Album Review
Label: Beer City Records
  • 5/5
Reviewed by Dodge M.

Comprised of three songs sounding like a runaway freight train, YAPO's self-titled 7" on Beer City Records delivers the goods in fine fashion. Their signature break neck tempos, however, along with James Valenzuela's raspy growl may label them a typical hardcore punk band (not that they would even care). But in part, what makes YAPO's music atypical is Valenzuela's genuine lyrical content. He speaks honestly (not to mention angrily) about seeking redemption among society's power struggle, rendering him anonymous, in "Won't Except". The song "Happy" roars along a theme of hateful ambivalence; like a best friend you fight one moment, then turn around and hug when all the smoke clears. "Damage We've Done" (no doubt a semi-biographical tale) reeks of regret about hurting himself, friends, family and people who just got in the way of a good time. The rest of YAPO's cast isn't so typical either. They give you a dose of solid, hardcore guitar riffs and rhythm punches, leaving you wanting more when a song suddenly ends. Contrary to what you may've heard, the odd-sounding YAPO acronym stands for Young and Pissed Off. And although these SGV punk veteranos aren't so young anymore, they still play potent punk rock like it's no one else's business.

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