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Label: Mint 400 Records
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Mint 400 Records Presents “Zoe’s Project” a compilation of over 30 artists releasing previously unreleased tracks to raise awareness of domestic violence and abuse. Today we premiere The Components newest song “Blackbird”!

Running a record label seems like a large task and from what I’m told putting together compilations of previously unreleased music is like pulling teeth. Amazingly though the Mint 400 Records roster got together to support a cause they all believe in and they were able to compile over 30 previously unreleased tracks from their vast roster.

The project started when drummer of the Jersey City punk band The Components, Zoe Ekonomidis, had gone to the roster to bring attention to her own situation and wanted to bring awareness to the cause that she had said gets nowhere near enough attention. Evident by things like Evan Rachel Woods new documentary all about the abuse suffered through Marilyn Manson we can see that in this society it’s almost taboo to bring the topic up especially it becomes harder when the victim knows it will enrage their abuser.

The label put the word out and within a few months had a huge amount of support from all over including their UK acts like Poggy to their Canadian acts like Swiims and of course plenty of locals from the labels home base of New Jersey that know Zoe personally. The compilation is called “Zoe’s Project” and from the beginning Ekonomidis had picked the charity Janie’s Fund as where all proceeds would go. Janie's Fund is a philanthropic initiative created by Steven Tyler in partnership with Youth Villages to bring hope and healing to girls who have suffered the trauma of abuse and neglect. The release will be available on Bandcamp for just $5.00 (Presale Available Now) but for those who just want to stream it they will be able to find it on all streaming services as well. However the hope is that everyone who listens and cares will donate to Janie’s Fund. The label has set up a direct link that is available now: https://janiesfund.funraise.org/fundraiser/zoesproject . The compilation is set to drop on May 20th and if you follow any of the 30 plus bands on it you’re sure to hear about it.

The label itself, Mint 400 Records is an amalgamation of everything from fierce loud bluesy rock like New Jersey’s Reese Van Van Riper to delicate folk like Philadelphia’s Christina Ward. However for the most part bands tried to keep their tracks in line with something that was accessible on such a varied compilation. Some of New Jersey’s most revered songwriters like Renee Maskin, Tom Barrett, Dennis King of Sonofdov, Jerry Lardieri of The Brixton Riot, Mike Chick & Yawn Mower and others lend previews of music that is unique versions of something that is on an upcoming album. The compilation really does mix it up well from rock bands like New Jersey’s The Milwaukees and Albany’s E.R.I.E. and then all the way to electro pop like NY State’s The Racer to Boston avant garde synth jazz band Clamb. Some of the indie scene veterans like Fairmont and San Tropez offer up remixes for their contribution. Overall this comes off like a mixtape I might have made in College and I’m telling you that is a great thing! You can’t go wrong when it’s for a good cause as well.

"Domestic Violence is not talked about enough. A persons living environment and upbringing has a HUGE EFFECT on their psyche, outlook on life, and how they function as an individual.This mission is more important to us than anyone could understand. We are hoping that speaking out about their situation people will voice personal experiences or get the help they deserve. We hope to give someone the courage to get away from it and show them they are worth so much more."
-The Components

"While COVID-19-related lockdowns may have decreased the spread of a deadly virus, they appear to have created an ideal environment for increased domestic violence. Extra stress in the COVID-19 pandemic caused by income loss, and lack of ability to pay for housing and food has exacerbated the often silent epidemic of partner violence."
- University of California, Davis, study.

Today Rebel Noise premiere's the first track from this awesome compilation! The Components, the catalyst behind this massive effort present today their newest song "Blackbird"!

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